The Holy Cross You’ve Never Seen

Looking for colleges is overwhelming. I’ve gone insane looking for the perfect college.

There’s a bunch of websites that tell you all the numbers and stats about the college, but the feel? That’s something harder to catch on paper.

Here are the things I love about Holy Cross, without all the stats, academics, and mumbo-jumbo.

The People

This campus, and I cannot stress this enough, is filled with the nicest people.

It’s so funny how everyone on HC will hold the door open for you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 20 feet away, a person will hold that door open and commit to it. It’s the cutest thing and I love it.

Related image
Literally everyone at Holy Cross

You make so many friends it’s nuts. You really meet a lot of super cool people the first week. You’ll even make friends in different grades. I 100% think HC is the friendliest college campus.

 The Small Campus

 Being on a small campus is so fun because you always see people you know. It makes HC feel like home really quickly.

Image result for seeing your friends gif
Spotting your friends in kimball

You can walk into the dining hall alone and randomly find friends. I’ve studied in the library, tucked in the smallest corner, and I’ve still ran into people I know.

 Holy Cross is really hilly, but the furthest walking distance to class is 10 minutes. I’ve woken up late for class and if I run, I can make it to class in 7 minutes (and I live in the furthest building on campus).

Even though Holy Cross might have a smaller campus compared to larger schools, the steep inclines and lots of steps around campus make it feel a lot bigger. Plus, with all the hills and stairs, your calves will look amazing.


Older students told me about food truck Fridays, but even their descriptions didn’t do it justice.

Here’s what it is: On Fridays, food trucks will park on the outside of Hogan, serve food for free, and they’re usually around until 11pm-1am. THEY SERVE FOOD FOR FREE.Related image

I’ve been to so many food trucks and it’s only October.

There’s been a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck, homemade kettle corn, whoopie pies, pizza, hoagies, and a lot more.

If I’m feeling a little hungry, I’ll get food twice. A lot of other students do it too because it’s the classic college move. Snagging 4 bags of kettle corn might just be the exact thing I need to pass midterms.

The Professors

 I love the professors at HC. They are so amazing and caring.

Some professors might give out more assignments than others, but every professor I’ve had is super nice and understanding.

They also try really hard to make the information interesting and easy to learn.

The other day, my Anthropology professor walked out of the classroom, picked up a handful of dirt, and placed it on a girl’s desk asking, “What is it?” It was so funny and then he used the dirt to transition into the lecture.

My other professor for Angels and Demons uses memes to explain tough concepts. Not only is it adorably tacky and awesome, but it actually helps.

Professors are also dedicated to knowing you individually, and the small classes allow for lots of individual help during office hours.

Office hours are key in college. When writing a college paper or studying for midterms, office hours can mean the difference between failing or acing a paper/midterm.

The Campus

The Holy Cross campus is really pretty. There’s a beautiful sunset literally every night. There’s also a really pretty sunrise, (if you can get out of bed early enough).

The buildings and the hilly campus itself is really amazing. I can never stop looking at the lights of Worcester at night or the hazy blue hills that stretch beyond the horizon.

HC admins also take pride in the picture-perfect campus. They’ll even change the decorative flowers for each season.

Flowers in the summer
Flowers in the fall

The Activities

Every day and night there’s something happening on the hill.

Painting sessions with your friends? We got it.

Famous Pianist concert? Yes.

Bingo with legit prizes? Yup.

Spiritual weekend getaway? You know it.

Karaoke Night? Of course.

Movie showings? All the time.

Guest speakers like NASA astronauts? Heck yeah.

So, not only can you procrastinate that paper due tomorrow, but now you can have fun doing it! And it’s all FREE!

There’s also a bunch of fun stuff to do in Worcester. Just a 5 minute Uber ride and you and your group of friends can have a great night out. Holy Cross even provides free shuttles for big events, so keep an eye out for emails or postings!

Last Note

I wish all high students looking for colleges the best of luck, and I really hope you consider Holy Cross because it truly is an awesome school.